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Privacy Act Notice

About The Escrow Specialists Inc.

The Escrow Specialists, Inc. was founded with one goal in mind; the unwavering pursuit of excellence in the field of diverse escrow services. The combined countless years of experience our staff possesses can assure each and every client the highest level of expertise in all aspects of their escrow transaction.

The Escrow Specialists, Inc. enjoys a sterling reputation of having the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in a field of endeavors where these traits are absolutely essential for a client’s peace of mind.

The ethical standards of the staff of The Escrow Specialists, Inc., are exemplary. As a neutral depository for real estate transactions, each and every client can be assured of the seamless integration between real estate agents, lenders, appraisers and title insurance companies. Buyers and Sellers will have their transactions monitored and led to a successful closing by staff members that have successfully closed innumerable transactions.


The Escrow Specialists, Inc., is independently owned and operated under licensing by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, State of California under License No. 963-0800 and is a member of the Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation and The Escrow Institute of California.


Assuring clients safety and security, under our licensing requirements, we are subject to regular audits conducted by personnel from the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation as well as annual audits of our corporate books and records, our escrow trust account and individual escrow files and records by an independent certified public accountant.

Unlike other escrow service providers, such as real estate brokers and bank escrow departments, The Escrow Specialists, Inc., is subject to and complies with stricter guidelines for outside audit oversight and is subject to specific bonding requirements, financial liquidity and insurance requirements.

We have attached our Privacy Act Notice for your convenience and we look forward to servicing you!

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